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Blender - F16 Sensor Power Management Panle (SNSR PWR Panel)

The Sensor Power Management Panel or SNS PWR panel is where the electric power is turned on/off on sensors as well as on the weapon pods. Radar altimeter's power is also controlled by this panel. The SNSR PWR panel is located on the right console.

The panel is comprised of 4 toggle switches, 3 of them are a 2-way switch and one 3-way switch. Their function is to power On/Off the left and right fuselage harpoints (normally targeting or navigation pods), also to power the Fire Control Radar System (FCR) and lastly the radar altimeter (RDR ALT).

The model was created in Blender 2.81 for the Cycles engine, the textures and materials are PBR based. The model has been rigged with a simple Empty for easy animation.